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Thanks to its resistance to weather conditions, aluminium is perfect as a material for external doors, and the look of aluminium doors will make your rooms more attractive. See windows
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Aluminium windows at the best price
Our offer includes a wide selection of aluminium windows, which thanks to their durability and modern design, will perfectly fit into the look of your home.
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Aluminium joinery manufacturer
We manufacture aluminium façades, which are suitable for public buildings such as shopping centres, office buildings, banks and hotels.
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Manufacturer of aluminium joinery

Talmet S.C. Marian Kućka, Kamil Puchałka – for nearly 30 years we have specialised in manufacturing aluminium joinery.


To ensure the highest quality of services, we cooperate with the best material suppliers in the market. Our projects include aluminium doors, aluminium windows, sliding doors, folding doors, various types of glazing as well as aluminium façades, winter gardens and untypical, innovative structures made of aluminium joinery.


Our main goal is to provide products of the highest quality and to ensure continuous development of our product range as well as skills. The aluminium joinery market is a dynamically developing sector, so you need to keep abreast of current events to always be up to date with new solutions and products.

As manufacturers of aluminium joinery, we strive to ensure that our products, such as aluminium doors and HST windows, meet all quality guidelines and are characterised by a modern, stylish look.

Aluminium joinery - products

As a company that has been dealing with aluminium joinery for years, we assume that the more extensive the offer that we can present to the customer the better. Our doors, windows, façades and a whole range of other aluminium products have been built with attention to high quality and the smallest details. We want you to be able to satisfy all your needs related to aluminium joinery. Don’t hesitate to check what we have prepared for you.

We can tailor each product to your individual needs. If you need aluminium windows or doors with unusual dimensions, please contact us and we will prepare a suitable offer for you.

Catalogue of panel doors

Check out our latest catalogue showing our range of panel doors. We guarantee a wide choice and the possibility of individual adjustment of aluminium doors to your needs. You can, among other things, choose the type of sidelights:

drzwi aluminiowe cena
drzwi wewnętrzne aluminiowe

HST doors are an ideal solution for houses where good sunlight and a convenient way to exit to a terrace or balcony are important.

Advantages of aluminium joinery

Large glass projects require additional safety measures, which aluminium meets in an exemplary manner. The strength of aluminium elements is related to their rigidity and durability, which further influences their ability to withstand heavy loads. This opens up additional ways to use them in modern construction and does not impose so many restrictions on more bold designs.

Customised aluminium joinery

Contact us and explore the possibility of customising products to your needs!

Modern construction

Aluminium joinery is a broad term in the field of construction, which refers to elements made of the material called aluminium. The most common are aluminium doors and windows, but this is not the only thing that aluminium joinery has to offer.

Why do we use aluminium? Aluminium is a material, which apart from its aesthetic value, which is undoubtedly the modern look, is more durable than commonly used wood, which makes it possible to build elements which are more glazed. It should also be mentioned that elements made of this material, such as aluminium doors, are lighter than wooden ones, which is a great advantage in this type of products. Nowadays, you do not have to worry about aluminium joinery products being a uniform grey shade. The colour palette is extensive. Our offer also includes products that imitate the appearance of wood. ​ Aluminium doors and windows are characterised by their non-flammability and high resistance to weather conditions, which is particularly important when it comes to elements that will be located outside the house. Aluminium doors and windows also have high corrosion resistance and are easy to maintain. We are one of the few companies dealing with aluminium joinery in Silesia. If you need aluminium windows in Silesia or throughout Poland, or other products from our extensive range, contact us now.

drzwi HST

Buildings in the 21st century are often characterised by bold designs. Large glazed spaces are made possible by the use of aluminium and aluminium joinery.

drzwi wewnętrzne aluminiowe

HST windows and doors are one of the most popular products in our range. Customers praise their functionality and modern design.

Meet HST windows and doors

HST windows, thanks to the use of aluminium and modern solutions, can have a frame with a maximum width of up to 6500 mm and a height of up to 2700 mm. What is more, the surface of such a window may reach even 14 m². This allows the use of very large glazing structures. In addition to large sizes, HST windows have the possibility of using corner glazing, which increases the amount of sunlight entering the room. Another unquestionable advantage of HST windows is their low sill, which may have only 3 mm and be flush with the floor. Thanks to this, leaving the house or going out onto the terrace, let’s say with a stroller, will be trouble-free.

HST doors are a modern solution, whose construction and appearance set trends in this type of constructions. They make it possible to do away with traditional sills, which can be found in classic doors, and replace them with low sills, reaching only a few dozen millimetres. This is not all. It is also possible to completely level the sill with the floor surface. Both solutions make entering and leaving the house trouble-free.

Looking for HST windows or doors?

Contact us and we will help you choose the perfect solution for you!

Why choose Talmet aluminium joinery?

Find out what makes our aluminium joinery products so often the source of our customers’ satisfaction.

Trusted brand

Nearly 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Professional service

Production carried out with the highest care and standards.

Quick response

Orders are executed on time and reliably.

Durable products

For the manufacture of our products we use proven materials of the highest quality.

Aluminium joinery of the highest quality and precision

Since the beginning of our existence we have been dealing with construction joinery. Since then, we have developed our service and production profile, and currently specialise in the manufacture and installation of aluminium joinery. We have completed many projects, both small and large. HST doors and windows have recently become very popular. Customers praise their functionality and stylish look. The versatility of the aluminium joinery allows us to expand our product range on a regular basis.

drzwi wewnętrzne aluminiowe

We cooperate with the best companies

We are authorised by Aliplast for aluminium door and window systems.

Aliplast was founded in 2002 with the participation of the Belgian concern Aliplast, which has been producing aluminium systems since 1984. As a result of the establishment of the company, a distribution network and a production line of Aliplast aluminium systems were established in Poland.

drzwi HST
drzwi HST