Aluminium windows

Windows designed for your home

Until recently, there was a belief that aluminium windows, due to their metal frames, are cold and therefore do not provide adequate thermal insulation and are not suitable for residential buildings. Nothing could be further from the truth! Today, the hallmark of a modern house are aluminium windows with a whole range of functional properties and innovative solutions. Properly selected aluminium windows are not inferior to wooden or PVC windows in terms of thermal insulation, and their strength gives very wide constructional possibilities.

Aluminium windows are ideal for bold projects with large glazed areas. In the production of aluminium window profiles it is possible to use thermal breaks with a width of even 50mm. Such a break accompanied by a foamed polyethylene or aerogel filler, will perfectly protect the house against heat loss. Aluminium windows can therefore be successfully used in energy-efficient construction.

Contemporary, innovative house designs are often characterised by simple architecture and uniform façade colours. Aluminium windows fit perfectly into such aesthetics creating a harmonious whole.

Aluminium window frames are rigid and durable, which means that they can withstand very heavy loads. Aluminium windows are also characterised by high resistance to weather and microbiological factors. Therefore, you do not have to worry about strong wind, snow, moisture, discolouration or mould.

The high strength of aluminium windows gives the possibility to create really big frames ready to hold even very heavy, anti-burglary glazing.

Aluminium windows are made to order, to be chosen with an individual pricing:

– Any size

– Possibility to use different types of glazing

– Wide range of colours (RAL, bi-colours, wood veneer, structural colours, matt or glossy surface)

– Various thermal insulation classes

– Possibility of assembling accessories: hidden hinges, reed relays (magnetic sensors), etc.

Let us know your needs and we will prepare an individual offer for you!