History of Talmet

The first years of the company

The history of Talmet goes back to the 1990s. It was then, in the era of changes and dynamic economic boom in the country, that two people decided to take matters into their own hands. The beginning of the activity is connected only with the assembly of aluminum joinery. However, the partners’ ambitions and experience transformed into building a headquarters with its own production line.

It is also worth remembering that Talmet has been producing PVC windows for some time. The offer was directed primarily to individual clients.

Currently, Talmet deals only with aluminum joinery and directs its offer to showrooms.


History of Talmet

1991 r.
Our beginnings ...

The story of Talmet begins at the beginning of the 1990s. It is then that two partners - Marian Kućka and Tadeusz Byrski - decided to establish a company called Almet, which only after some time transforms into Talmet.

Marian Kućka was an experienced window joinery installer. Tadeusz Byrski was involved in production planning in a large company producing aluminum joinery products. Talmet was doomed to success.

1991 - 2001
Company development
Assembly, assembly and production again

Initially, the company deals only with the assembly of aluminum structures. However, the owners' awareness, their experience and the acquisition of new skills resulted in the expansion of the business with its own production line. Until now, the company's headquarters was located in a rented building in Kozy at South Street

Talmet can boast of the production of aluminum joinery and assembly for many local public investments, such as sports halls, churches, schools, offices, health centers or local workplaces. Our company's account also includes several more famous investments - such as checkout counters at the Central Railway Station in Warsaw or Hotel Kasprowy in Zakopane.

After about 10 years of operation, the company has also expanded its offer with PVC joinery - here the main recipient was an individual customer.

Construction of a new headquarters

The development of the company was associated with the need to build a new seat at Krakowska Street in Kozy.

New place, new beginnings

In Kozy at Krakowska Street.


New person in the company
Strength in youth!

In 2015. Kamil Puchałka joins the team. Initially as a production worker, and from 2018. with Tadeusz Byrski's retirement, he joins the company as a co-owner. Since then, the company has been changing its business profile. The offer of PVC joinery for individual customers is gradually being discontinued.

The owners of the Talmet company decide to develop the aluminum joinery offer for business partners - window and door showrooms.

A modern headquarters
We are only interested in development!

The dynamic development of the company, an increase in the number of employees and the constantly growing number of aluminum structures produced were the reasons for another large change. In 2021. the new headquarters of the company is a modern and spacious office and production building with an area of nearly 1500 m2, located at Szkolna 3p Street in Pisarzowice.


The huge production hall
okna aluminiowe talmet

Modern company headquarters in Pisarzowice.

December, 2021
Zuzanna Puchałka joins the company At the end of 2021.
We are interested in ... Europe

Zuzanna Puchałka, daughter of retiring Marian Kućka, joined the company. Currently, the young owners of the company plan to promote their products, and thus gain an increasing number of new business partners in Germany. What will the future hold? Nobody knows, one thing is certain: Talmet aims only at development!

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