Interior construction

Optimum use of space

Aluminium glazing inside the building allows for original and functional use of the space inside the rooms. This type of solution gives a wide range of arrangement possibilities giving the interiors a modern and luxurious look. Aluminium all-glass walls are perfect as shop windows, company windows, modern vestibules or walls to divide office space.

Innovative interiors are characterised by a simple form and plenty of light. A glass and aluminium wall complements these aesthetics perfectly, creating a coherent, modern effect.

From a practical point of view, this type of glazing is a very convenient solution when:

– We want to change the layout of the rooms while maintaining the continuity of the office/business. The installation of all-glass partition walls is clean and quick.

– We want to divide a room while keeping the sunlight inside.

All-glass interior joinery is made to order, to your choice with an individual pricing:

– Any size

– Possibility to use different types of glass (soundproof, milk, anti-burglary glass)

– Wide range of colours for aluminium frames (RAL, wood veneer, structural colours, matt or glossy surface)

– Possibility to use side-hung, sliding or automatic doors.

 Let us know your needs and we will prepare an individual offer for you!